Change of Calendar - 800m and 1500m Championships

We have swapped the dates for the 800m and 1500m Championships. The new dates are:

  • Thursday, Jan 18. Program 2 + 1500m Championships.
  • Thursday, Feb 8. Program 1 + 800m Championships.
The new calendar allows us to run programs 1 and 2 as normal with just the respective distance events treated as championship events.


New Centre Records 2017-2018

EventNew RecordOld Record
U14g javelinLily Cox 15.99 m new weight.
U7g hurdlesMia Gilmour 11.1 s A Welch 11.4 s (98/99)
U15g long jumpWena Jones 4.61 m N Ristrom 4.58 m (05/06)
U15b long jumpGeorge McLeod 6.03 m Jordan Cox 5.98 m (15/16)
U15b 1500m walkJordan Blackwell 8:32.4 Jordan Blackwell 9:31.6 (17/11/17)
U15b 100 mTyson Hartill 11.9 s Tyson Hartill 12.0 s s (15/11/17)
U12b triple jumpHarrison McLeod 9.79 m Eden Hills 9.52 m (23/11/17)
U12b long jumpHarrison McLeod 4.66 m Harrison McLeod 4.30 m (18/11/17)
U10g turbo javKeeley Saunder 18.18 m Arielle Cannell 14.86 m (05/11/17)
U6g 100mEmily Gale 18.9 s Emily Gale 19.2 s (05/11/17)
U12b triple jumpEden Hills 9.52 mOliver Kelly 8.33 m (16/17)
U12g triple jumpHawi Bowerman 8.91 mElla Freeman 7.92 m (16/17)
U15g 300m hurdlesLauren Canning 53.6 s Lauren Canning 53.7 s (11/11/17)
U12g long jumpHawi Bowerman 4.21 mElla Freeman 3.59 m (16/17)
U12b long jumpHarrison McLeod 4.30 mOliver Kelly 4.29 m (16/17)
U15b 1500m walkJordan Blackwell 9:31.6 Jordan Blackwell 9:39.7 (11/11/17)
U15g 300m hurdlesLauren Canning 53.7 s Java Vickery 55.5 s (17/11/16)
U15b 300m hurdlesTyson Hartill 45.6 s Fergus Fletcher 47.9 s (15/12/16)
U15b 1500m walkJordan Blackwell 9:39.7 Luke Phillips 9:42.7 (15/12/13)
U6g 100mEmily Gale 19.2 s Savannah Rice 19.6 s (05/03/16)
U10g turbo javArielle Cannell 14.86 m Arielle Cannell 14.24 m (07/10/17)
U15b shot putTyson Hartill 13.75 mTyson Hartill 13.24 m (25/10/17)
U15b shot putTyson Hartill 13.24 mBane Shepherd 12.84 m (08/09)
U15b 70 mTyson Hartill 8.7 sJordan Cox 8.8 s (15/16)
U15b 100 mTyson Hartill 12.0 sBane Shepherd 12.1 s (08/09)
U10g Turbo JavArielle Cannell 14.24 m Mia Anderson 12.79 m (11/02/17)


Registration Details 2017-2018

Registration fees will be the same as last season.

  • $115 per child U6-U15
  • tiny tot $25
  • Dual registrations with Athletics Tasmania - $65.

Registrations, including fee payments, must be done through the IMG registration website.

Registration is a two part process. You must

  1. pay registration fees AND
  2. enter details (for new athletes) or edit / confirm details (for returning athletes).

Proof of date of birth is required for new athletes to ensure they are competing in the correct age group. Age groups reset on October 1; use the age group calculator to check.

If you are a returning family please follow the instructions for re-registration as set out in the email to be sent by Little Athletics Tasmania. You will find a username and password in the email.

For athletes choosing to do Little Athletics as well as senior athletics with Athletics Tasmania, registration fees are dependent on the athlete's birth year. Athletes must register with both organisations and the order of registration is important.

Birth year Little Aths. fee Senior Aths. fee Order of registration
2005/6/7 standard family fees above $145 (tbc) Little Aths then Seniors
1/10/02 - 31/12/04 dual fee = $65 $250 (tbc) Seniors then Little Aths

Competition and training insurance is covered by the body in control of the event in which the athlete is competing.

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